Delta Camp Special

Delta Camp Flight Special - We’ll pay to get you there... All NEW bookings will receive a complimentary one-way flight to Delta Camp from or to Maun, a savings of US$155 per guest. Available with a minimum 3 night stay         


Connection through unique design

Scattered in the forest of a large, beautiful and palm-studded island deep in the Okavango Delta, Delta Camp’s chalets are designed and built to take advantage of the many indigenous, old-growth trees of the island forest. The buildings cannot improve upon the natural landscape; they must therefore blend into it as unobtrusively as possible. This sometimes means that a tree grows through a roof or a floor, it always means that you will find no glass in the windows and it very often means that the building itself is elevated onto a deck. Each spacious, elegant chalet is individually designed and decorated to fit discreetly into its setting and to take advantage of the spectacular views of the surrounding bush and flood-plains.

Traditional Walking Safari

Delta Camp offers privately guided walking safaris like nowhere else in the Okavango Delta.  Using only genuine, hand-made dug-out canoes, guides will take guests deep into the Okavango, through the channels and floodplains to walk on the many islands in the area. The guide joins guests on arrival and remains exclusively with them for the duration of their stay.  

The Delta Camp experience is cultural as well as being a wildlife and wilderness one, and spending time in the company of a man who has lived his life in this wild place, and perhaps even visiting his home, is a revelation to many visitors, and a lesson in differing values and perceptions.

The Luxury of Being with Nature

All activities are conducted without assistance from motors, offering guests the opportunity to truly attune themselves with nature. In addition, the camp does not offer wifi or internet, which allows guests to be present with one another in a beautiful and intimate setting, something that has become increasingly rare in our hurried existence.