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Botswana Okavango Delta Camping trip

After spending at least one night at Oddballs’, acclimatizing, you will set off for a minimum of two nights, and for as many as you like, into the Okavango in a dug-out canoe with your camping equipment and guide


The peace and tranquility, the regular and soporific thrust of your guides long ngashi, by which you are propelled, the gentle rustle of water and lily-pads, the crystal clear water beneath you, the warm sun overhead – all these will frame the many sensations that will flood through you as you make your gentle progress. As you thread your way through floodplains fringed with islands, ancient trees will mark your passage, as will tiny reed-frogs, imperious fish eagles, and a host of other living creatures, large and small. Bee-eaters hawk from the reed-beds, red lechwe will pause in their grazing to observe you, hippo will grunt in the lagoons, and the crocodiles you don’t see will see you. As the day passes your guide will select an island to camp on. Beaching the dug-out he will assist with the erection of your tent, the gathering of firewood, the collection of water, and the general establishment of your campsite in a spot conducive to your safety and comfort. 

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